Sunday, March 3, 2013


There's no use in trying to make everybody happy. In life, remembering the 10-80-10 rule is key. 10% of people will love you regardless of what you do or say, another 10% will hate you no matter what, and 80% are just waiting to be convinced.

Its up to us to show that 80% what we are made of!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year!

Dear Readers,
I guess it is now safe to say I was on a trip for christmas- that is why it has been forever. But, now I'm home and I am back into the love of this blog. I do have to say though "what a new year" hahaha- I really don't believe in making new years resolutions. I believe in perfecting imperfections, at the beginning of every new day.Not just at the beginning of a new year. I however did make one new goal, to complete all other goals I have started. Seems like a good goal right? Well so far it's not working out. I kinda have a weak spot of cookies and popcorn.
Last night for dinner- Candy Bar.
This Morning for breakfast, 2 cookies.
After dinner, 3 cookies.
Man, my goal to loss some weight is sure going great. What a great new year.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Who doesn't know what I'm talking about when I say we all need gifts. 

"I have never analyzed a man who did not have, somewhere hidden in his mind, a dislike if not a hatred for someone. Until you know it is true of you, you will destroy whatever truth can come of this atrocity. Part of knowing who we are is knowing we are not someone else. And "hate" is the only name we give to that stranger, that agony we cannot feel, that death we look at like a cold abstraction. Each man has his hate; the black, the yellow, the white, it is the other. And the hates also have there hates. And now, now above all, you must see that you have yours- and that is why there is nothing and will be nothing until you face your own complicity with this...your own humanity." 
- Incident At Vichy

What a season! MERRY CHRISTMAS. And, a HAPPY NEW YEAR (if that day ever comes. ;)) But, I guess I should start with whats on my mind. 
Murder of Christmas. 
That would be us, and well you, me, your best friend, and really any one- we forget the reason to have christmas. We travel or ski or swim or drink hot co-co or we tan in the sun. It really depends on where your from, however, we all do something the same with christmas and that would be of course the gifts. Now, don't get me wrong a gift is OUTSTANDING and I love them, however- lets remember to give more then we get. 
When and what do we give? Well, I give my family things they can open up, things they can touch- a real gift in the hand. They give the same type of gift back to me. However, I try and do something fun for friends as well,  but I'm poor so I can't get all my friends something. As I sat and thought if making cookies would fixs this, I thought again from the other point of view. The receiver. As a receiver I have always been one to say "its the idea that matters" Now, that might sound a little kidish, however its true. So, give more then you get. But wait- there is one more thing, the murder. This is a season we all jump with joy and love everyone. WRONG- this is the time when also friends and loved ones are hurt. You didn't try and hurt them but it hurt and killed the the spirit of christmas and the real reason we have it. We are blessed today to be here. To have family around who loves you and friends. Don't be the person who murders christmas for something you want now rather then the real thing you want in the end. 
I guess the point I am trying to say is- forgive, forget, move on. Love those you have in your life. Don't wish you had something that you don't. And, invite everyone into your heart. Don't change yourself, however, make yourself a friend. A friend is all most people want for christmas and well, thats a good gift for someone like me to give when your poor. 


Thursday, December 13, 2012


You are . more
You arebeautiful
You aretalented
You are . forgiving
You are . kind
You areamazing

Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you are one.
Heavenly Father loves me!
God allows "U" turns- always!!
Your light shines.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Truth or Rather...

It's a two in one game. "Truth or Dare." and "Would you Rather."
I was playing this game with one of my best friends the other day, and I was asked a question that I didn't fully answer. So, here it is. The question was: "What is your top "10" things you look for in a guy." Well let me start by saying, the top 10 are always changing, however, as of today here they go.
1. Open my door. Date or no date. -respect for women.
2. Make me laugh. "Smile, it gives your face something todo."- Witty
3. Honesty at all times. - Even if it's hard
4. A love for Christ. - Same goals as me
5. He has to be good looking-duh (Fashion Sense)
6. Spontaneous -I love suprise.
It's not that hard guys, to plan a "spontaneous" date. For ex: you want to kiss her? Ask her on a date and have it planed out already where there is a mistletoe somewhere so you can go for a walk and look up and say "Look where were standing." She will laugh and say "Did you know this was here?" You then smile and kiss her. PERFECT.
7. Loves to Travel
8. Never says "Maybe or Sometimes"
9. Plays a sexy musical instrument- Well, this is more of a plus!
10.  Puts passion above common sense

I am going to add 2 more to my list if that is ok...
11. Has a good memory! 
12. Being HIMSELF!!!
To be honset if she is out spending her days with you, you must have at least 6 of the things on her list. She wouldn't be with you if you didn't. Well, it is now not my turn on Truth or Rather.- haha! 

I was sitting in a church group class when we talked about our list. We were told to make a list so when we went out with guys we wouldn't get lost of the things we wanted the most for the things we want right now. I hope I have inspired your list. Never change your list to fit the guy/girl because- that is a very bad idea.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Have you ever been in a car? Have you ever been the one driving? Have you ever seen a cell phone? Do you have one? Do you know someone that has one? Well, if you answered YES to any of the above questions you are apart of a world I like to call IT CAN WAIT. The truth is, when we are texting behind the wheel of a car, we are taking our life and someone else's life aswell.
Today I am here in DC where I take the pledge to never text and drive. National Organization for Youth Safety, is a perfect step to help stop distracted drving. So, the next time your behind the wheel or in the car and the driver picks up the phone throw a carrot at them. (And if you don't have a carrot then stand up for what you belive and tell them to put it away or pull over!)

Friday, November 30, 2012


Responsibility simply means the ability to respond. Sometimes in life things happen. Let me re-say that differently. Always in life, things happen. It's all in how you act. When I was in fifth grade my teacher made the class say this quote everyday before we started doing anything else.

I am responsible for how I feel and for what I do.
Nobody can make me feel anything.
If I have a rotten day, I am the only one who allowed it to be that way.
If I have a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being positive.
It is not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better.
It's crazy to me that 7 years later, I still have it word for word. You want to know why? Because a lot happen in 5th grade. A good friend of mine killed himself, because of this my life was forever changed. Most people in my fifth grade class wouldn't pick these 2 things to share off the top of there head. But, when I think about 5th grade I like picking these 2 things first. Lets go back to the day when I really changed myself.
 "Class go stand over by the back door and repeat the creed." Said Mrs. Robinson. (the creed is the responsible quote.) She then goes on to say, "As you may know we have started these think sheets and I will be sure to hand them out as needed so please be on your best behavior" (A think sheet is when you do something bad or not right, you then have to go in the hall and write down what you did wrong, think about it and wait for your teacher to come talk to you before you can go back and join the class.) I was a very good kid. Most teachers really liked well still like me. I never got a think sheet until one day. "Class pull out your math books it is time to get started on problem 5" Mrs. Robinson said. I hate math and don't understand any of it. So, with out raising my hand I say "Can I come to the front so I can see better because I really don't get number 5." Mrs. Robinson then said "Ashley I'm sorry but because you didn't raise your hand you need to go into the hall and do a think sheet." Here I go, crying in to the middle of the hallway where I then am joined by my fifth grade crush. "What are you doing out here." I ask him as I try and make my self look cute in a fifth graders mind. "Well, I didn't raise my hand" He said. "Why? You saw that I didn't raise my hand and thats why I was sent out here." He then shrugs. I didn't know it at the time, and I never will know but I think he didn't raise his hand because he wanted to come sit by me. We laughed and had lunch together that day. That was the first day all year he had sat by me for lunch. After lunch was the best part. Recess. We walked out side together talking about hair cuts. He goes on to tell me that he loves it when a girl has cute short hair. I smiled because I knew in 3 days I was going to get my hair cut and now I knew I was going to get it cut short. We played all lunch and we talked everyday after that. He was in the "cool kid" group. So, sometimes we couldn't talk, if you know what I mean, but when lunch we sat and eat PB&J together. Well, it was the day before my hair cut and Mrs. Robinson gave my fifth grade crush another think sheet. We then had a BIG talk on what the word "responsible" really meant. The next day I show up to school with the cutest short hair ever! I see my whole fifth grade class sitting on the grass outside crying. Like I already said I was good friends with the teacher so I went up to her and asked what was wrong. She said, "Ashley, 'he' died."
All things I thought. That was the first day all year we didn't say our class room creed. It also was the first day of a new start.
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi
The truth is friends there is only one person who is responsible for your life. That person is you. We can't control the event. We can control what happens after the event. We can only change the way we are. I never once thought of blaming the event. I think back on the story now and sometimes want to blame the event and wonder: Maybe he killed himself because he got a think sheet. Maybe I should have told him I liked him and he never would have done this. Maybe...Maybe...Maybe. The truth is friends, we can't live in the maybe. We need to live in the Now. Remember that the word responsibility can be broken in to two parts: Response- Ability. "The ability to respond is what we really control." - Ty Bennett
So, today look at your life and think for a little bit- What is the "Ability" you are controlling? Are you doing it the right way? Because.... 
I am responsible for how I feel and for what I do.
Nobody can make me feel anything.
If I have a rotten day, I am the only one who allowed it to be that way.
If I have a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being positive.
It is not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better.
         I am the one who is in CONTROL of my life.

I know this might be hard to live by this "creed" but try it. Try it and try again. Say it in your head, say it out loud. Because, I think if you try you will see that living in a place where you can be happy is easy.